A model of the loyalty antecedents in the eletronic retail

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Valter Afonso Vieira
Luiz Antonio Slongo


Basing on the Internet growth in Brazil and on its role as retail agent of purchase-sale, this article proposes and tests a theoretical model of loyalty antecedents in the electronic retail. In that context, seven hypotheses are established and verified through 515 observations collected, using structural equation modeling. The results indicated that the principal loyalty predictor, of four possible, was commitment. Therefore commitment and quality, that last one other significant latent variable, are key constructs in explaining why the consumers continue to choose the site. The second relevant conclusion is the quality potential in the model. Thus, all the three relationships in which quality was the exogenous construct were corroborated, as foreseen by the literature. Finally, loyalty obtained a high determination coefficient, being 72%. Final considerations, research limitations, and suggestions for future works are discussed in the final part.


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Vieira, V. A., & Slongo, L. A. (1). A model of the loyalty antecedents in the eletronic retail. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 12(spe), 65-87. https://doi.org/10.1590/S1415-65552008000500004