CrossMark is a multi-publisher initiative from the CrossRef organization to provide a standard way for readers to locate the final version of a document. ANPAD Publications, including the Journal of Contemporary Administration (Revista de Administração Contemporânea, RAC), is dedicated to scientific accuracy and integrity and as a result, will implement CrossMark in its publications. A CrossMark logo will appear on a PDF file or HTML page indicating that the publisher is maintaining the published document through corrections, updates, and retractions. Clicking the CrossMark logo reveals updated information about the document and tells readers whether they are accessing the most recent and reliable version or not.

The ANPAD and RAC recognize the importance of the integrity and completeness of the scholarly record to researchers and librarians and attach the highest importance to maintaining trust in the authority of its electronic archive. Applying the CrossMark icon is a commitment by ANPAD and RAC to maintain the content published and alert readers to changes if and when they occur. Clicking on the CrossMark icon will inform the reader of the current status of a document and may also provide additional publication record information about the document. RAC content that will have the CrossMark icon is restricted to current and future journal content and limited to content hosted by the official RAC’s website. Publication types are the following: Editorial, Theoretical-empirical articles, Theoretical Essays, Methodological Articles, Provocations, Executive Letters, Technological Articles, and Cases for Teaching.

RAC does not remove published papers. For more information on CrossMark, please visit the CrossMark website:


Ethical Sponsorship Policy

The Journal of Contemporary Administration (Revista de Administração Contemporânea, RAC) actively seeks opportunities to work with external organizations to achieve shared objectives. RAC, therefore, seeks i) initiatives that do not compromise the independent status of the journal, and ii) to collaborate with external organizations in ways that are consistent with our organizational values. This policy ensures clarity and openness to all our stakeholders. It addresses sponsorship and cause-related marketing. We welcome comments and suggestions about how these goals can be met.

Partnership Criteria

We encourage partnerships with individuals and organizations (for-profit and not-for-profit) that support our mission. In particular, we adhere to the financial innovation principle. Partnerships must also adhere to our nondiscrimination policy which states that “RAC and its boards shall not discriminate in any matter, including publication decisions, on the basis of age, ethnicity, gender, political affiliation, race, or sexual orientation.” To be sure that we are transparent and ethically consistent, we agree that partnerships with companies involved in any of the following activities will be avoided: i) Nontransparent or unaccountable social responsibility practices or, ii) Greenwashing unsustainable practices. Partners that are acceptable to the publisher, ANPAD, will, in general, be acceptable to RAC.

Cause-related Marketing, Affinity, and Product Endorsements

RAC does not endorse or approve products or companies, and a statement to this effect will be included alongside any branding or promotion associated with products. RAC will favorably promote products where published research has shown direct benefit to our stakeholders. Transparency: RAC will communicate its commitment to this policy to the organization’s stakeholders. A full list of sponsors will be maintained on our website. 


Advertisement Policy

The journal only displays advertisements that are of relevance to its scope and will be of interest to the readership (e.g. upcoming conferences). All advertising space is provided free of charge and the editor and publisher have the right to decline or withdraw adverts at any point. If you wish to propose a potential advert then please contact the editorial team.