Call for Papers | Business Models at the Crossroad of Responsible Innovation, Sustainability and Resilience


Submission Deadline: January 30 2020 | Review Process Ends: April 30 2020 | Special Issue published: July 2020


The relentlessly fluctuating global economy generates impelling needs in how values are perceived, created and managed.  Recently, there has been focus on how businesses could be part of the solution of our rising common challenges, such as climate crisis, general pollution, poverty, energy security and health. Business models are the core of businesses and support companies' effectiveness, contributing to their stable, sustainable functioning in the difficult, ever-changing market. This implies the design and implementation of innovative business models that take into account the variety of the stakeholders and promote contributions in terms of responsible research and innovation (RRI), sustainability and resilience.

Publicado: 2019-06-25
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