In order to disseminate papers accepted for publication earlier than the standard production and issue release cycles, in August 2021 RAC has implemented an “Early Access” option. Articles accepted for publication, yet scheduled for release in a forthcoming issue, will be displayed on a specific “Early Access” page so the articles can be read and cited before their scheduled release in a specific issue.

The papers published as Early Access are final full-text, peer-reviewed, copyedited articles made available to the audience as soon as they are complete, and published online before being assigned to a volume and issue of the journal. Early Access articles are considered fully complete, and once posted online are considered to be fully published and no further changes can be made by the authors. If there is an error in a paper published as Early Access, it would need to be corrected with an erratum. Early Access articles are fully citable since they are given a DOI, which allows them to be cited and tracked. After the article is assigned to an issue, the DOI remains the same and can continue to be used to cite the article.

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Who Is Management Research For?

Fabio Vizeu, Luiz Gustavo Alves de Lara



(Non)Monetary Behaviors: How Morality and Status Shape Consumers’ Perceptions about Sustainable Actions

CecĂ­lia Souto Maior, Danielle Mantovani



The Regulation of the New Bidding Law: Definition of the Institutional Logic Prevalent in a Field

Rosana Ramos Cotrim, Arnaldo L. Ryngelblum



Social Entrepreneurship Measurement Framework for Developing Countries

Valéria Gonçalves Vieira, Verônica Macário de Oliveira, Adriana Fumi Chim Miki



There’s so Much Life Out There! Work-life Conflict, Women, and Accounting Graduate Programs

Camilla Soueneta Nascimento Nganga, Silvia Pereira de Castro Casa Nova, Sandra Maria Cerqueira da Silva, JoĂŁo Paulo Resende de Lima



Information Transparency, Location, and Stakeholder Pressure on the Socially Responsible Partner Selection

Rosana da Rosa Portella Tondolo, Juliana Bonomi Santos, Vilmar Antonio Gonçalves Tondolo, Ely Paiva



Conscious Capitalism and Construction of Humanized Relationships: A Study in a Credit Cooperative from the Sensemaking Perspective

CĂ©lia Dorigan de Matos Furlanetto, Alex Sandro Quadros Weymer, Raquel Dorigan Matos



Open Government in SĂŁo Paulo: An Analysis of Open Public Policies

Daniel José Silva Oliveira, Ivan Beck Ckagnazaroff



Like, Share, and React: Twitter Capture for Research and Corporate Decisions

Djeison Siedschlag, Jeferson Lana, Roberto Gonçalves Augusto Junior, Rosilene Marcon



Roots of the Exhaustion of Brazilian Working Women: Dialectical Historical Materialism’s Contributions

Fernanda Mitsue Soares Onuma, Aline Lourenço de Oliveira, Júlia Moretto Amâncio