How to Write a Good Teaching Case? Reflections on the Method

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Anete Alberton orcid
Anielson Barbosa da Silva orcid


This article encompasses the process of writing a teaching case in Brazil. After a presentation of the trajectory of teaching cases at ANPAD conferences, the authors reflect on the meaning and the theoretical perspectives for writing a teaching case. Then, we depict the elements that characterize a good teaching case and the main problems involving the evaluation process. More specifically, we present some guidelines for reviewers of teaching cases, including the objectives, the relevance to the Management field, the information presented and the composition of the teaching case, in addition to the impartiality of the author, the text style, the quality of the teaching notes and the contribution to the management area. The final remarks argue about the central question of the title of the article, highlighting that writing a good teaching case encompasses the development of specific skills, besides having experience and a proper writing style. Therefore, we indicate some challenges for journal editors, pointing out the role of the graduate students, professors and researchers’ training, to improve the quality of teaching case publication, as well as the importance of structuring learning environments as an innovative strategy to stimulate the production of teaching cases, both in traditional and in multimedia formats.


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Alberton, A., & Silva, A. B. da. (2018). How to Write a Good Teaching Case? Reflections on the Method. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 22(5), 745-761.