Research process and bibliometric analysis: bank service quality assessment

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Leonardo Ensslin
Sandra Rolim Ensslin
Hugo de Moraes Pinto


The objective of this research is to demonstrate how a researcher can, in a structured way, select relevant articles and identify which characteristics they possess that contribute scientifically to a topic of interest - as shown here in international literature on Quality Assessment Banking. The work is characterized as exploratory, descriptive, theoretical-illustrative, with the theoretical instrument of intervention being the Knowledge Development Process - Constructivist (Proknow-C). Development of the process found: (a) a portfolio of 28 articles aligned with the vision adopted by the researchers that informed the drafting of the theoretical framework of this research; (b) that the journal International Journal of Bank Marketing presents the highest impact factor for the scientific community regarding the JCR and SJR bases; (c) banking, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and service quality as the most recurring keywords; and (d) the authors A. H. Aldlaigan and F. A. Buttle and the article Customer satisfaction and retail banking: an assessment of some of the key Antecedents of customer satisfaction in retail banking written by A. Jamal and K. Naser as prominent in the area.


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Ensslin, L., Ensslin, S. R., & Pinto, H. de M. (1). Research process and bibliometric analysis: bank service quality assessment. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 17(3), 325-349.