Technology transfer management at inova Unicamp

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Alexandre Aparecido Dias
Geciane Silveira Porto


The aim of this study is to verify how Inova Unicamp manages its technology transfer (TT) process. A TT process can be understood as the passage of technology and knowledge from one organization to another (Bozeman, 2000). We conducted a qualitative study using a semi-structured interview of the institution directors. The results reveal that the TT Inova Unicamp model management is in a continuous maturing process, but must still overcome bottlenecks related to a shortage of permanent staff, a large number of temporary staff and a lack of an institutional policy to regulate the creation of spin-off companies.


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Dias, A. A., & Porto, G. S. (1). Technology transfer management at inova Unicamp. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 17(3), 263-284.