Accelerated internationalization of technology-based firms: the case of Brazilian Born-Globals

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Fernanda Ferreira Ribeiro
Moacir Miranda Oliveira Jr.
Felipe Mendes Borini


The born global phenomenon has been made apparent, mainly in high technology sectors, which requires new theoretical understandings about the role of nascent and small international companies. This article analyzes the relationship between a company's external environment in its country of origin, internal organizational factors and the factors relating to how some technology-based firms (TBFs) internationalize. A survey was applied to Brazilian TBFs. At the end of the data collection period, the first database generated 214 responses. Out of these, 85 (39.7%) were obtained from companies involved in some kind of business abroad. However, only 54 questionnaires were considered valid for this research. The data were analyzed using logistic regression statistical techniques. The results show that external factors influence the internationalization of TBFs more as compared to internal factors. Integration in the value chain and an entrepreneur's ability to manage internationally are the factors that best distinguish the internationalization of born-global TBFs. Thus, this paper contributes to the discussion of the internationalization process of born-globals and TBFs, filling the gap regarding the importance of external, internal and entrepreneurial factors in these companies' internationalization processes.


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Ribeiro, F. F., Oliveira Jr., M. M., & Borini, F. M. (1). Accelerated internationalization of technology-based firms: the case of Brazilian Born-Globals. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 16(6), 866-888.