The impact of online complaints on consumer loyalty: an experimental study

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Tatiane Nunes Viana de Almeida
Anatália Saraiva Martins Ramos


In a constant changing environment characterized by highly informed consumers, the search for long-term relationships through customer loyalty is the goal of many companies. However, studies suggest this loyalty may be affected by negative comments available on the internet. Thus, the aim of this study is to examine if the complaints available in the online environment impact loyalty to a cell phone brand. The research method was experimental, considering the antecedents of loyalty found in the revised NCSB model (Norwegian Customer Satisfaction Barometer). The approach was quantitative, using methods including descriptive statistics, factor analysis, multiple linear regression and non-parametric Wilcoxon test to analyze the data. All five propositions were confirmed. The results showed that complaints available the web may negatively impact consumer perception as it concerns loyalty, as well as its antecedents. These substantiations represent a warning, so that companies can be more attentive to content available on the internet, especially any related to complaints.


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Almeida, T. N. V. de, & Ramos, A. S. M. (1). The impact of online complaints on consumer loyalty: an experimental study. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 16(5), 664-683.