Multi-criteria modeling applied to regulatory issues of privatized port areas

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Ivan Ricardo Gartner
Carlos Henrique Rocha
Sérgio Ronaldo Granemann


The purpose of this paper is to propose a multi-criteria model applied to issues of regulation in privatized port areas with focus on prioritization of areas for purposes of investment distribution in lease issues. The multicriteria decision analysis (MCDA) method was used for modeling, since the problem is multidisciplinary, involves socioeconomic, environmental, and political judgments involves a larger number of actors, has many interest groups with conflicting goals, and requires compromise to reach a solution. The modeling was assisted by technicians and managers involved in the regulation of National Agency for Waterway Transportation (Agência Nacional de Transportes Aquaviários [ANTAQ]) as well as by researchers specializing in the topic. The model was built using a combination of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) with standardization procedures, which resulted in a rating system for port areas according to their own scales of attractiveness. The initial application considered a hypothetical situation with five areas available for lease. At the end of the process the technicians involved in regulation could instantly identify the impact choices have on area's final rankings and the corresponding portion of the investment appropriate for leasing.


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Gartner, I. R., Rocha, C. H., & Granemann, S. R. (1). Multi-criteria modeling applied to regulatory issues of privatized port areas. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 16(4), 493-517.