The opinion makers in child nourishment

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Luciene Nascimento de Almeida
José Roberto Ribas
Adilson dos Santos Leandro


This paper deals with product positioning strategy and is based on the influence made by opinion makers on consumer behavior. The case study describes how Biogood has developed its marketing integrated communication regarding child nourishment, by matching its image with science through R&D investments; divulging its research through pediatrics and nutrition channels; venturing and sponsoring and promoting events directed at professionals in these specialties. The case investigates the strategic adjustment made by Biogood, aiming to neutralize the regulatory acts as established by the National Health Council since 1988. The problem, as shown by this case, is the effort made by this company in its attempt to influence physicians, who are considered as relevant opinion makers for children's products. In this way, the company positioned its brands as associated with safety, care and quality. The case is structured in accordance with the recommendations of Roesch (2007), who suggested that learning objectives may attempt to develop skills and relevant attitudes related to managerial practice and make it feasible to understand the organization and its environment, supporting the teacher with input for his lectures.


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Almeida, L. N. de, Ribas, J. R., & Leandro, A. dos S. (1). The opinion makers in child nourishment. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 14(4), 761-774.
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