Focus empreendimentos: redeeming the credibility

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Lilian Aparecida Pasquini Miguel
Janette Brunstein


This case presents a crisis in an organization after the news of a nationwide political scandal involving the institution broke. It presents the organization's scenario of growth and prosperity before the crisis and its goals for the future. It also describes how the institution was affected by the corruption scheme and its reflections on the organization's business. It reveals the measures taken to reverse the situation that threatened its image and reputation, including reviewed strategic planning and the need to restructure the company. Finally, it encourages the reader to evaluate the measures taken by the organization and propose alternatives, as well as reflecting on the steps to resume growth in the context that this type of political involvement is dealt with in Brazil.


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Miguel, L. A. P., & Brunstein, J. (1). Focus empreendimentos: redeeming the credibility. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 14(2), 377-389.
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