The crossroads of organizational learning: a multiparadigmatic view

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Claudia Simone Antonello
Arilda Schmidt Godoy


The literature on Organizational Learning [OL] has been moving forward not only in the volume of publications but also by pointing to other dimensions of the theme. The debate involves several theoretical fields psychological, sociological, cultural, historical and methodological - in addition to management itself. A question emerges: which issues and basic characteristics make OL different and separated from the other related concepts? In order to answer this question a number of theoretical perspectives of OL are presented and discussed, along with some inquiries and reflections related to these theories, as well as definitions and studies developed in this field. Using the multiparadigmatic approach, the literature on OL was organized and grouped into five fields. This analysis pointed to four questions (related to the level of learning, learning results, changes and learning processes) that the concept of OL has to overcome to become significant. It is suggested that a possible way to overcome these challenges is to adopt a perspective based on practices.


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Antonello, C. S., & Godoy, A. S. (1). The crossroads of organizational learning: a multiparadigmatic view. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 14(2), 310-332.