"Body and Soul" in organizations: a study of domination and the body's social construction in the military organization

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Alexandre Reis Rosa
Mozar José de Brito


This paper aims to discuss how the process of social construction of the military individual occurs. The result of research for a Master's Degree, the analysis approaches the body as the central element of this process due to its manner of performing in military activities. In this regard, authors like Pierre Bourdieu and his field-habitus articulation as part of social reproduction, along with Michel Foucault's thoughts about disciplinary power and the technologies for docilization of bodies help us to understand how these bodies are processed from an inherent technologizing in military socialization. The methodology used was the case study with non-participant observation, in-depth interviews and documentary and content analysis. Based on the results, we find that there is a variation in the forms of domination in order to prioritize some techniques that range from body pedagogy (for soldiers) to oral pedagogy (for officers), as the main instruments that aim, above all, at a kind of total individual domination, to put it in a nutshell, to take over one's body and soul in the military organization.


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Rosa, A. R., & Brito, M. J. de. (1). "Body and Soul" in organizations: a study of domination and the body’s social construction in the military organization. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 14(2), 194-211. https://doi.org/10.1590/S1415-65552010000200002