Management of people and its tools of seduction in an acquisition process

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Ivana Dolejal Homem
Andréa Poleto Oltramari
Vânia Gisele Bessi


This article discusses the changes in the people management procedures, starting from the acquisition process of a family company by a multinational company, and how its remaining workers have perceived these changes. This is a case study consisting of 23 participants and the data collection was carried out by means of semi-structured individual interviews and documents. The results indicate that the human resource area makes use of mechanisms that seek to soothe the cultural impact as an attempt to seduce workers for the project of the new company. This change is strongly marked by impositions to the participation of programs and by the control that was accomplished in the family company by the concrete imposition of norms, whereas now it is centered in the adhesion and internalization of new rules in the multinational company. The new manner of working has required that a worker would abandon his personal life on behalf of the company. The department of human resource management seeks to guarantee the adhesion and the participation of workers by using material and symbolic rewarding, and by means of the proximity controlled by the managers.


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Homem, I. D., Oltramari, A. P., & Bessi, V. G. (1). Management of people and its tools of seduction in an acquisition process. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 13(2), 210-227.