Scientific Articles’ Theoretical, Practical, Methodological, and Didactic Contributions

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Marcelo de Souza Bispo orcid


The issue of how to use scientific articles to contribute to a field of knowledge and the possible types of contributions is crucial and needs further discussion. I am writing this piece with two objectives. The first one is to introduce a classification of the types of contributions (theoretical, practical, methodological, and didactic) from scientific research published in the form of scientific articles. The second is to present the articles’ format for each type of contribution, using RAC’s typology as a reference. In the final considerations, I point out that most articles rejected at desk review (even some good ones) is due to lack of adequacy to the journal’s expectations regarding contribution to the field, the format of the article, focus, and scope.


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Bispo, M. de S. (2022). Scientific Articles’ Theoretical, Practical, Methodological, and Didactic Contributions. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 27(1), e220256.


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