Brazilian Secrets Hair Case

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Lucyana Felicia orcid
Clarice Secches Kogut orcid
Renato Dourado Cotta de Mello orcid


This is a case for teaching focused on the internationalization process of Brazilian Secrets Hair (BSH), a company that has considered the world as its target market since its start, and is part of an ever-growing segment: the cosmetics industry. Upon understanding the company’s international expansion, the internationalization theories within the behavioral approach, such as the Uppsala theory, the network theory, the entrepreneurship perspective, and the effectuation logic, can be explored, answering questions related to market selection processes, entry mode choices, and global expansion strategy decisions. This case was based on primary and secondary data from a real company and was originally designed for international business classes of graduate courses.


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Felicia, L., Kogut, C. S., & Mello, R. D. C. de. (2020). Brazilian Secrets Hair Case. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 24(5), 474-486.
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