Totalitarian Organizations: Modus Operandi and Fundamentals

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Francis Kanashiro Meneghetti orcid


This essay is the outcome of reflections based on a ten-year study conducted from historical analysis about the Einsatzgruppen, the Auschwitz complex, and the extermination camp of Operation Reinhard – Sobibór, Belzec, Treblinka, all of which made up the Nazi State, and terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS, present in several countries through a networking of cooperative cells. These organizations have been active in the context of the Modernity Era, characterized by the prevalence of capital sociometabolic reproduction and the institution of instrumental rationality. The totalitarian organizations have their own modus operandi in promoting murder and the systematic and planned annihilation of people, generally preceded by the use of violence. Despite these singularities, they all fundamentally aim to establish a policy of social terror, practice human annihilation, and foster the institution of evil.


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Meneghetti, F. K. (2018). Totalitarian Organizations: Modus Operandi and Fundamentals. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 22(6), 841-858.