Growth of Companies from the Perspective of Small Technology-Based Entrepreneurs

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Hilka Pelizza Vier Machado orcid


Growth can be analyzed in different levels: environment, company, and entrepreneur. At the entrepreneur level, few studies address the entrepreneurs' perceptions of difficulties and determinants of growth, whichcan influence intentions and growth strategies. This research aimed to understand the growth process of technology-based companies from the perspective of entrepreneurs, focusing on determinants and difficulties of growth. We conducted a qualitative research with six entrepreneurs using open-ended interviews, which were transcribed and encoded using N Vivo software version 9. The determinants of growth for entrepreneurs cover their actions, business management, and the environment. The entrepreneurs only mentioned difficulties with growth at the level of management and environment. The results show the importance of entrepreneur perceptions to understand the growth process as a multidimensional phenomenon. The results provide subsidies for the formulation of policies for the growth of small and medium-sized software companies.


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Machado, H. P. V. (2018). Growth of Companies from the Perspective of Small Technology-Based Entrepreneurs. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 22(6), 817-840.