Challenges in a Big Data Based Advertising Service Development

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Kenyth Alves de Freitas orcid
Luiz Carlos Di Serio orcid


This case study aims to understand the challenges in developing a new advertising service based on Big Data. Jamworks software from Casa Vaticano is able to measure the outcome of an advertising campaign, profile their consumers, and make personalized product announcements on digital media. As Casa Vaticano, the company who developed this software, is not an IT company, a large number of technical skills emerged as necessary for the development process. In this manner, it is necessary to analyze which choices can be made during the acquisition of new skills. The pedagogical objectives of this case seek to analyze the service development process and discuss the main difficulties of positioning an innovation in the market and obtaining new skills. Thus, this case can be used in technical, undergraduate, and both theoretical and applied graduate courses, as well as in professional education, in subjects related to innovation, service management, entrepreneurship, advertising production, and strategic capability development.


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Freitas, K. A. de, & Di Serio, L. C. (2018). Challenges in a Big Data Based Advertising Service Development. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 22(5), 804-816.
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