Historicizing the New Gobal Consumerism From a Perspective of Emerging Worlds

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Alexandre Faria
Marcus Wilcox Hemais


The advancement of inequality, injustice and discrimination, and the emergence of anticonsumerist movements within the context of global neoliberal capitalism inform the corporation-society debates in the field of Management & Organizational Studies (MOS) and the construction of the new global consumerism (NGC). This context is marked by the radicalization of the negation of the racialist side of modernist capitalism in Europe and Latin America, which also destabilize and reinforce the re-articulation of discriminatory anti-anti-Americanism historicism in consumerism by the NGC. Grounded on a critical transmodern perspective enunciated in a Latin American emerging country that goes beyond Americanism versus anti-Americanism and consumerism versus anti-consumerism dichotomies, this article re-historicizes the consumerist movement in the US to show that pasts denied by anti-anti-Americanism disempower academia and society through dynamics of appropriation and containment of non-discriminatory alternatives and identities mobilized by emerging worlds. Analysis shows that this transmodern historicism can help NGC and MOS recover discriminated identities, promote knowledge for and with the majority, not minorities, and attenuate advances of populist authoritarianism mobilized by white supremacy. JEL Classification Codes: F6, N16, J15.


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Faria, A., & Hemais, M. W. (1). Historicizing the New Gobal Consumerism From a Perspective of Emerging Worlds. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 22(4), 577-599. https://doi.org/10.1590/1982-7849rac2018170257