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The Journal of Contemporary Administration (Revista de Administração Contemporñnea – RAC) was created in 1997 and is published bimonthly (continuous publication) by ANPAD (Brazilian Academy of Management), with open access to its full text (peer-reviewed) content online. Registered under ISSN 1982-7849 (online) and ISSN 1415-6555 (print version from 1997 to 2010)

RAC accepts submissions from research efforts supported by different approaches. The submitted texts must address contemporary issues of regional importance without losing sight of the articulations of the global context. Thus, the objective is to encourage debates, the development of public policies, and new forms of management in line with contemporary social challenges. Proposals for special issues by guests are encouraged and welcomed. Besides the Editorial, the journal publishes seven types of manuscripts: Theoretical-empirical Articles; Theoretical Essays; Methodological Articles; Provocations; Executive Letters; Technological Articles; and Cases for Teaching.

RAC is aligned with Open Science practices: open data, materials, codes, education, peer-review, and preprints, in addition to the dissemination of additional information related to the editorial process. All datasets and materials published by RAC are available on our page at Harvard Dataverse. In addition, RAC, through its editorial scope, prioritizes works that explore topics relevant to society. And, for that, it uses the themes highlighted in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN.


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The average period of the desk-review process: is 6 days (between submission and the editors' initial review if the manuscript is rejected or proceeds to peer review).

The average period of the first round of peer review: is 123 days (between the first submission and the decision of the first peer review round).

The average period of the complete peer review process: is 170 days (between the first submission, the peer-review complete process, and a final decision of acceptance or rejection).

The average period between acceptance and publication: is 39 days (between acceptance and publication of the article as Early Access or directly to an issue).

Submission acceptance rate: 9%


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Vol. 27 No. 5 (2023): Sept/Oct - 2023 (Special Issue)

Special Issue: The Exhaustion of Contemporary Women



Exhausted Women: On Discomfort and Practice of Science in Contemporary Times

Ludmila de Vasconcelos GuimarĂŁes, Andrea Poleto Oltramari, Deidi Maca, Janaynna de Moura Ferraz, Josiane Silva de Oliveira, Luiza Farnese Lana Sarayed-Din



A Woman’s Place is
 in Politics: Reflections about Micro and Macroaggressions of Identities

Camilla Fernandes, Mariane Lemos Lourenço



The (Un)productivity of Reproductive Work and the Women’s Exhaustion in Contemporary Times

MarĂ­lia Duarte de Souza, Deise Luiza Ferraz



‘EscrevivĂȘncia’: The Exhausting Process of Being an Outsider within a Postgraduate Administration Program

Fernanda de Aguiar Zanola



Process of (Re)Organization of Productive and Reproductive Work of Women in Confection

Denise Clementino de Souza, Mariana PatrĂ­cia Lima, Cristiane Ana da Silva Lima



Roots of the Exhaustion of Brazilian Working Women: Dialectical Historical Materialism’s Contributions

Fernanda Mitsue Soares Onuma, Aline Lourenço de Oliveira, JĂșlia Moretto AmĂąncio



Exhausted, But Standing! Reflections Regarding the Immune Device Against Crossdressers and Transsexual Women in the Educational System

Megg Rayara Gomes de Oliveira



Live Beneath a Precipitous Wall: The Other Façade of Chinese Women

Yi Ding



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