Salami Science in the Age of Open Data: Déjà lu and Accountability in Management and Business Research

Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva, Cristiana Cerqueira Leal



Tutorial-Articles: The Importance of Data and Code Sharing

Henrique Castro Martins



A Tutorial on the Use of Differences-in-Differences in Management, Finance, and Accounting

Rafael Felipe Schiozer, Frederico Abou Mourad, Theo Cotrim Martins



A Tutorial for Modeling Real Options Lattices from Project Cash Flows

Naielly Lopes Marques, Carlos de Lamare Bastian-Pinto, Luiz Eduardo Teixeira Brandão



A GARCH Tutorial with R

Marcelo Scherer Perlin, Mauro Mastella, Daniel Francisco Vancin, Henrique Pinto Ramos



Mapping Organizational Culture Schemas Based on Correlational Class Analysis: A Tutorial

Luciano Rossoni, Clayton Pereira Gonçalves, Mônica Pereira da Silva, Alex Ferreira Gonçalves



Cluster Analysis in Practice: Dealing with Outliers in Managerial Research

Humberto Elias Garcia Lopes, Marlusa de Sevilha Gosling