The Case of the Case: The Writing and Application of the Method

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Ana Paula Pereira dos Passos orcid
Eleandra Maria Prigol Meneghini orcid
Jeferson Lana orcid
Rosilene Marcon orcid


This case aims to promote a reflection on the teaching case writing process and directions for applying the method. In 2020, João Luiz Marinho, a doctoral candidate in Administration at the University of Learning (UNIAPRE), was challenged by Professor Fernando to write his first teaching case for application in the Organizational Strategies discipline, of which he was an intern in teaching. However, many questions about the construction and application of teaching cases probed João’s thoughts, since he had no previous experience with the method, he had little practice in teaching, and the migration of classes to the online mode was very new. Thus, the proposal is to make students put themselves in João’s place, in order to provide a debate on the writing and application of a case for online teaching. It is suggested that it be applied in lato sensu and stricto sensu graduate courses in Administration in the disciplines of Methodology and Teaching Cases.


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Passos, A. P. P. dos, Meneghini, E. M. P., Lana, J., & Marcon, R. (2023). The Case of the Case: The Writing and Application of the Method. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 27(3), e220045.
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