Location factors of gas stations in Fortaleza

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João Adamor Dias Neves
Átila Mendes Costa


This paper investigates location factors to gas stations decision makers. Specifically it is aimed: (1) to relate location factors with geomarketing; (2) to describe aspects of Fortaleza´s gas stations and (3) to analyze site location factors of gas stations. It is an exploratory, a descriptive and a census study via questionnaires and systematic observation to 255 gas stations. The findings show most of gas stations is located at street corners, thus confirming the literature review. In magerial terms, the findings: (1) help PCs owners to make decisions in locating business; (2) assist researchers to replicate the study and (3) help enterpreneuers and puclic sector to better choose local factors.


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Neves, J. A. D., & Costa, Átila M. (1). Location factors of gas stations in Fortaleza. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 12(spe), 175-192. https://doi.org/10.1590/S1415-65552008000500008