People's management using holistic models

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Cristina Mori Maciel
Arlindo Fortunato da Silva


This article considers to establish correlations between models directed to the management of people in the post-modern organizations, through the description and the identification of the models found in literature, as well as to offer elements for the reflection on the concepts based on these archetypes. The assay is fit as a study of descriptive nature, where the potentialities related to the use of the holistic approach in the management of people are carried out through documentary and bibliographical research. The accomplishment of the article on the basis of documentary and bibliographical research results in the possibility to glimpse actions that result in a continuous exercise of corporative citizenship, actions that contribute to extend the conscience of respect and contribution among people, in a way to benefit all the involved ones. As a limitation of the study it can be mentioned no possibility of generalizations of the concepts and models for small business companies; as it was not carried out empirical research for this specific situation. There is also, as a contribution of the work, the viability to congregate diverse models found in previous studies, as well as presenting the common denominators that exist between them.


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Maciel, C. M., & Silva, A. F. da. (1). People’s management using holistic models. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 12(1), 35-58.