All because of Flavinha: the case of the Dog Tour of Nathuna Travel and Tourism

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Jurandir Peinado
Cláudia Herrero Martins Menegassi
Bruno Henrique Rocha Fernandes


The case concerns the groundbreaking initiative of an animal lover who, after experiencing numerous embarrassing situations when not being accepted in hotels and public places in the company of a pet, decided to set up a travel agency that would offer a different service: the Dog Tour - tourism on which people can take their dogs, with its own itineraries and hotels that allow pets to stay in a room with their owners. The case presents the whole trajectory of the entrepreneur from the opening of the business to its dissemination strategies without cost and the diversification of products with the same theme. The case has the following educational objectives: 1. to analyze the process of creating a business based on personal needs; 2. to analyze the strategies revealed by the businesswoman; and 3. to provide an analysis of the case based on the mental models of the entrepreneur.


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Peinado, J., Menegassi, C. H. M., & Fernandes, B. H. R. (1). All because of Flavinha: the case of the Dog Tour of Nathuna Travel and Tourism. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 16(2), 327-338.
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