Kenner flipflops

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Fernanda Chagas Borelli
Marcus Wilcox Hemais
Pedro Ivo Rogedo Costa Dias


This case describes the story of Kenner, a company that traditionally focused only on its product and is now realizing that its target market has changed drastically: from young higher-income consumers they are now lower-income consumers. Because of the excessive care with product quality, part of the company did not accept this new consumer, believing that the original consumer of the product should be their target market. As part of the restructuring of the company, in 2007 a marketing department was created, concerned with getting to know its consumers and their preferences better. In 2009, the year the case is set, the image of the company still appeared to be defined by its consumers, being associated with criminals, guns, drugs and violence. It was necessary to take control of the situation and decide on the market positioning the company would adopt. But before this, it was necessary to decide what the companys target market would be. The case invites the reader to analyze the companys situation and present and evaluate different alternatives in order to debate concepts of market segmentation, target market decisions and market positioning, as well as decisions related to the marketing mix.


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Borelli, F. C., Hemais, M. W., & Dias, P. I. R. C. (1). Kenner flipflops. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 16(1), 157-171.
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