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Renata Cesar Torres
Rebecca Arkader
João Luiz Kupperman Garcia
Edson Montebeller


This study is a teaching case that deals with a managerial problem faced by a medium-size Brazilian company. Amendopar was a family business in the peanut products industry that operated in the Brazilian market for 47 years. The Londrina, Paraná unit was operating close to its maximum production capacity, imposing a limit to the company's growth. Having an already well established position in its state of origin, the owners were considering expanding into other markets. There was also interest on their part because of the tax benefits they would reap by establishing a new production unit in São Paulo State. However, the challenge at this time was to decide whether it was the right time to make this move and how much investment would be required. These decisions would be made at a meeting to be held and for which the Industrial Director was preparing.


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Torres, R. C., Arkader, R., Garcia, J. L. K., & Montebeller, E. (1). Amendopar. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 15(3), 538-556.
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