Competitive strategy in the health care sector: an exploratory study

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Moisés Ari Zilber
Luiz Carlos Lazarini


This is an exploratory study and its main objective was to evaluate strategies adopted in the Brazilian health care sector. It was developed under a quantitative sample based on application of a structured questionnaire with questions determined on a Likert model. Based on a probabilistic sample selected among people that have health care plans in São Paulo city the research had the objective to identify competitive advantages that usually have more influence in the chosen process of Health Maintenance companies by consumers. Multivariate and descriptive statistics techniques were used and the study concluded that Agility, Attendance, Brand, Pioneers and Size of the company would be the most important factors. This article discusses the theory about strategy, competitive advantage, sources of competitive advantage and sustainability of the competitive advantages. It also includes the methodology procedures, the results and the limitations and recommendations for future studies. Considering the new rules for health care business and how these modifications are reflecting on the competitive scenario this study have discussed strategic questions that should be reevaluated in the future.


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Zilber, M. A., & Lazarini, L. C. (1). Competitive strategy in the health care sector: an exploratory study. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 12(1), 131-154.