Notas sobre a construção de casos para ensino

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Sylvia Maria Azevedo Roesch


Management teaching cases are reports of organizational life's situations constructed with specific educational purposes. They have been in use in management education for nearly a hundred years in North-American universities and more recently in Europe and Asia. In Brazil, teaching cases are seldom used, although interest in this learning method in management schools is now resurfacing, perhaps given the proliferation of both MBAs and Professional M.Sc. programmes. Bibliography on this topic in Portuguese is scarce, many teachers confound teaching cases with case studies and the production of local cases is insignificant when compared to foreign case collections. In this article, both the teaching cases structure and writing process are emphasized. The article is based on foreign bibliography on the problem-case and on the literary and non literary narrative techniques. It is illustrated with both national cases written or supervised by the author and foreign cases.


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Roesch, S. M. A. (1). Notas sobre a construção de casos para ensino. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 11(2), 213-234.
Casos de Ensino em Administração
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Sylvia Maria Azevedo Roesch, Universidade Federal da Bahia; Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

Ph.D em Industrial Relations pela London School of Economics. Professora Visitante da Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA) e da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Managing Editor do British Journal of Industrial Relations. Suas áreas de interesse em pesquisa são organizações do Terceiro Setor, avaliação de políticas e de programas, métodos de pesquisa, construção de estudos de caso e construção de casos para ensino