University-industry technological cooperation for energy efficiency: a case study

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Andréa Paula Segatto-Mendes
Nathan Mendes


The central aim of this article is to demonstrate the development and characteristics of an interinstitutional relationship with a view to perfecting existing technology in reducing the consumption of energy in household refrigerators and also to show the adequacy of the case studied for the most recent preconceived ideas concerning the development of Etzkowitz's Triple Helix. The study refers to the technological cooperation between universities and industries and the presentation of a successful experience in which the joint action of individual institutions led to technological gains for both parties. The data was collected from individual in depth interviews with the research coordinators at the both company and the university. The results obtained showed not only the efficiency of the joint research but also the success of the cooperation and the identification of the practice of new positions raised in recent studies. Thus, by studying the experience of these institutions in technological cooperation, we can see that the productivity and efficiency of the cooperation between the university and the company open up possibilities for contributing to the technological development of the country.


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Segatto-Mendes, A. P., & Mendes, N. (2018). University-industry technological cooperation for energy efficiency: a case study. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 10(spe), 53-75.