Testando o CAPM condicional nos mercados brasileiro e norte-americano

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Elmo Tambosi Filho
Newton C. A. da Costa Júnior
José Roberto Rossetto


In the last decades, the CAPM model has being of great interest in the scientific area. Despite all the criticism, the improvement of the static CAPM, which has generated new dynamic models, provided investors with stronger guarantee throughout the financial movement. The CAPM and its static version were and still are very important in the financial area. Nowadays more sophisticated adaptations of the CAPM are found, which allow us to explain some matters in finance that had not been solved for long time. Considering such discussion about the CAPM validity, this study intends to show the advantages of the conditional model comparing with the static one. In order to verify such facts, tests of conditional models are examined (with beta varying throughout time), which are not commonly studied in the literature. Such tests are suitable to incorporate variances and covariance that change throughout time. Among all, Jagannathan and Wang´s (1996) can be considered one of the most important tests. This study aims to test the conditional CAPM model by Jagannathan and Wang (1996) using macroeconomics and financial variables from the Brazilian, Chilean and Argentinean markets. Also, one of its objectives is to compare such results with the American ones.


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Tambosi Filho, E., Costa Júnior, N. C. A. da, & Rossetto, J. R. (1). Testando o CAPM condicional nos mercados brasileiro e norte-americano. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 10(4), 153-168. https://doi.org/10.1590/S1415-65552006000400008