Rede de relações interorganizacionais no campo organizacional de Videira-SC

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Clóvis L. Machado-da-Silva
Claudia Coser


The objective of this article was to verify the interorganizational relationships between forty organizations in the district of Videira in Santa Catarina State from an organizational focus. These organizations interact in a system of agroindustrial production which involves a complex process of economic, political and social structuring in social time and space. The goal was to evaluate the influence of the focal organization, which a priori coordinates agroindustrial production efforts, on the regulative, normative and cognitive institutional structures, which meant analyzing the recurrence and simultaneousness of the isomorphic, coercive, normative and mimetic mechanisms in the organizational field under study. The relationships of cooperation, competition and conflict among the organizations that make up the network under study were evaluated based on the notion of organizational field as a field of power, cognitive structures and socio-cultural significance. The results show different levels and spheres of influence of the focal organization on institutional structures, with implications for the occurrence of isomorphisms in organizations, which highlights the importance of the use of a multiparadigmatic perspective for the understanding and the treatment of the concept of organizational field.


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Machado-da-Silva, C. L., & Coser, C. (1). Rede de relações interorganizacionais no campo organizacional de Videira-SC. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 10(4), 9-45.