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Sylvia Maria Azevedo Roesch


Public sector downsizing programmes provoke changes in the organizational structure of a Brazilian state foundation. This teaching case describes the merging process of two of its departments. As a result Helena, the head of one of them, will loose her managerial position. The change is conceived at closed doors and Romualdo, the president of the foundation, is wondering how he is going to communicate the decision to Helena, who is his friend and has been working in the organization as long as him. The strategy he eventually uses is to phase the information in three different meetings, so to convey the impression to Helena that change was gradual and participative. The case is narrated from the point of view of Helena.


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Roesch, S. M. A. (1). Fundação Lindolfo Saraiva. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 9(2), 193-201.
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Sylvia Maria Azevedo Roesch, London School of Economics

Ph.D. em Industrial Relations pela London School of Economics, Mestre em Administração pela Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) e Bacharel em Sociologia pela Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Diplomada in Translation (English into Portuguese) awarded by the Institute of Linguists, London. Managing Editor of the British Journal of Industrial Relations, London School of Economics. Occasional Lecturer at the Industrial Relations Department, LSE. Part-time Portuguese Tutor at the Department of Humanities, Arts and Languages, M.Sc in Applied Translation, London Metropolitan University. Professora Visitante na Escola de Administração da UFBA e Pesquisadora da London Metropolitan University, Institute of Working Lives, projeto sobre trabalhadores migrantes no Reino Unido. Suas áreas de interesse em pesquisa são organizações do terceiro setor; avaliação de políticas e de programas; métodos de pesquisa; construção de estudos de caso e construção de casos de ensino.