Financial Democratization in Pandemic Times

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José Vicente orcid
Valdir Martins orcid


The Zumbi dos Palmares University (Unipalmares), founded in 2002 by academics, liberal professionals, intellectuals, and personalities from several areas of knowledge, is a non-profit community higher education institution, whose mission is to train and include qualified professionals, committed to ethic values, human dignity, and racial-ethnic diversity. It also aims to include and strengthen the presence of young black people in the academic world, in the labor market, and in the general society, as well as to research, promote, disseminate, and refine public and private affirmative actions and the culture of peace, tolerance, and peaceful conflict resolution. We are an institution that strives for the highest aspect of universal democratization, which is education access and everything surrounding it. We seek to fill a gap in Brazilian society by exerting education as the only tool that truly leads to full freedom. We train not only the professional but also, and above all, the protagonist citizen responsible for his path. This same individual will be capable to make life decisions most consistently and rationally, without the tutelage of state, family, and influencers of all sorts. The freedom conquered by education prepares human beings for the world’s complexities, develops their potentialities, and makes them complete and elevated.


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Vicente, J., & Martins, V. (2021). Financial Democratization in Pandemic Times. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 25(6), e210084.
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