Large-Scale Projects in the Amazon: Engaging Social Actors to Promote Sustainable Development

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Thomaz Wood Jr. orcid
Dafne Oliveira Carlos de Morais orcid


This teaching case is intended for use in undergraduate and graduate courses in public administration and business administration, in subjects that deal with the theme of sustainability. The following topics can be worked on: the triple bottom line, sustainable development, stakeholder management, and engagement of social actors. The case narrates how FGVces (Center for Sustainability Studies, from FGV Eaesp) and IFC (International Finance Corporation, from the World Bank) carried out a project aimed at the sustainable development of the Amazon. The result was the creation of 25 guidelines for the execution of large projects in the region. The case focuses on the end of the first phase, at which point the project leaders reflect on the path taken and the challenge for implementing the guidelines. Its discussion allows students to immerse themselves in dilemmas related to sustainable development, discuss the dilemmas and challenges related to conducting a project that involves multiple stakeholders, and reflect on the best form of implementation. The objective is for the students to incorporate the premise of sustainable development in their decisions, to be able to identify the dilemmas inherent to the materialization of this concept, and to weigh the pros and cons of different pathways.


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Wood Jr., T., & Morais, D. O. C. de. (2020). Large-Scale Projects in the Amazon: Engaging Social Actors to Promote Sustainable Development. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 25(3), e200053.
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