Analysis of Prescribing Variables of Entrepreneurial Intention of Brazilian Immigrants in Portugal

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Eduardo Picanço Cruz orcid
Roberto Pessoa de Queiroz Falcão orcid
Yan Orge Fernandes Barbosa orcid
Fábio de Oliveira Paula orcid


Context: a new migratory flow of Brazilian immigrants in Portugal is made up of individuals with greater financial and entrepreneurial capacity, a high level of professional qualification or individuals who seek higher qualification (masters and doctoral students and researchers). Objective: the study seeks to identify possible variables that prescribe the entrepreneurial intention of Brazilian immigrants in Portugal, showing characteristics of this group. Methods: survey questionnaires were applied to 667 Brazilian respondents, inhabitants of Portugal. It was used logit equations to analyze the data, in order to assess the relationship between entrepreneurial intention and the variables gender, age at arrival, educational level, length of stay in the country, status of student-tourist-work visa - citizenship application status - permanent migration. Results: the article contributes in a theoretical way by highlighting variables related to the intention to undertake in one of the largest communities of Brazilian immigrants in Portugal. Conclusion: the findings point to the following variables that had a positive influence on the intention to undertake: age at arrival, time in the country, work visa, education level, tourist visa and claim citizenship. In terms of practical implications, the study may support funding mechanisms.


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Picanço Cruz, E., Falcão, R. P. de Q., Barbosa, Y. O. F., & Paula, F. de O. (2020). Analysis of Prescribing Variables of Entrepreneurial Intention of Brazilian Immigrants in Portugal. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 24(4), 349-368.