Research Perspectives in Corporate Governance of Brazilian Family Firms

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Aureliano Angel Bressan orcid
Eduardo Schiehll orcid
Jairo Laser Procianoy orcid
Luiz Ricardo Kabbach de Castro orcid


This article presents an editorial perspective of corporate governance in Brazilian family firm as a result of the call for papers and this special issue of the RAC to address this research topic. The two accepted articles tackle relevant issues in the academic debate, namely: the need for a theoretical framework for the evaluation of strategic decision-making processes of family businesses, and the importance of gender diversity on the boards of directors of family firms. The theoretical proposition and empirical evidence documented in these two studies open a new line of research in corporate governance of Brazilian family firms. More specifically, these two articles provide new insights on the conciliation of the heterogeneity in the composition of the board of directors and its relationship with the value creation process in family firms.


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Bressan, A. A., Schiehll, E., Procianoy, J. L., & Castro, L. R. K. de. (2019). Research Perspectives in Corporate Governance of Brazilian Family Firms. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 23(6), 696-702.