The Convergence, Communication, and Impact of Business Research

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Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva


In this first editorial of Volume 23 of the Journal of Contemporary Administration (RAC), which begins this year of 2019 full of expectations, I would like to address two subjects that I believe are relevant to the efforts of business research, especially within the context of emerging economies: the convergence and communication of business research. Research efforts should not only have a purpose, but also need to be responsive to the changes that the world is going through and their current trend in the direction of growing complexity (Medina, Goles, Zarama, & Rica, 2017). In other words, research efforts should consider the needs of society and the problems that result from them. In a well-known Brazilian television program (TV Cultura, 2016), Professor Lee Sing Kong, ex-Director of Singapore’s National Institute of Education, when asked about the aspects that he believes are pillars of the education system in his country, responded: developing the capacity of our students in terms of two abilities – knowing how to ask and knowing how to work as part of a team.


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Mendes-Da-Silva, W. (2018). The Convergence, Communication, and Impact of Business Research. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 23(1).