The Use of Biomarkers in Marketing Research

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Cristina Maria de Aguiar Pastore orcid
Eliane Cristine Francisco Maffezzolli orcid
José Afonso Mazzon orcid


The crossovers between marketing and neuroscience has generated expectations as much for academia as for the market, especially in the last decade. Despite the interest and promises of results, gaps in neurobiological knowledge are perceived related to data collection and analysis. This study presents and compares some neuroscientific tools that are based on non-cognitive responses of the human brain. The collection and analysis of biomarkers such as hormones and levels of muscular electrical activity can be used in research on human behavior related to consumption, among other interactions with marketing actions. We also discuss the methodological application of these tools, resulting measures and possible interpretations of behavior, with emphasis on future research agenda.


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Pastore, C. M. de A., Maffezzolli, E. C. F., & Mazzon, J. A. (1). The Use of Biomarkers in Marketing Research. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 22(3), 403-423.