Technology Companies Analyzed Based on the Multidimensional Work Motivation Scale

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Clarice Lucas da Silva Machado orcid
Patrícia Martins Fagundes Cabral orcid
Guilherme Luís Roehe Vaccaro orcid


This article aims to analyze the motivational factors, using the Self-Determination Theory (Deci & Ryan, 1985) and the application of the Multidimensional Work Motivation Scale (MWMS) (Gagné et al., 2014; Santos et al., in press) among workers in technology companies in Southern Brazil. The data collection included 256 respondents of the questionnaire and 06 semi-structured interviews, therefore being a quantitative-qualitative research with a descriptive nature. In the quantitative step, we applied the Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), scale reliability analysis by Cronbach’s alpha coefficient and other statistical tests. The qualitative step was treated through content analysis. The main results indicate that these workers are primarily oriented by Autonomous Motivation, followed by Controlled Motivation. It should be noted that the Demotivation factor was not evidenced in the set of workers studied. We recommend that motivation be addressed jointly at the organizational, leadership and individual levels, covering more elements that can leverage worker well-being and consequently improve organizational results.


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Machado, C. L. da S., Cabral, P. M. F., & Vaccaro, G. L. R. (1). Technology Companies Analyzed Based on the Multidimensional Work Motivation Scale. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 22(3), 336-354.