Court Caseload Management: The Role of Judges and Administrative Assistants

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Adalmir Oliveira Gomes
Tomas Aquino Guimaraes
Luiz Akutsu


Court caseload management is of key importance for guaranteeing the adjudication of cases and depends on how judges and administrative assistants deal with their workload. Results from several studies indicate that an increase in court caseload tends to generate an increase in the judge’s production. However, some authors argue that this relationship is far more complex. To develop a fuller understanding of this relationship we tested an array of direct and moderating hypotheses. We used secondary data from 566 judges working in first trial courts in the State Justice System of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The results indicate a direct and positive relationship between court caseload and judge production, but the strength of this relationship depends on court specialty. The findings also indicate that the number of administrative assistants, judge experience and the number of places a judge works all moderate the caseload-production relationship. The results contribute to the development of strategies to address the delays and congestion of courts, two of the main Brazilian Judiciary problems.


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Gomes, A. O., Guimaraes, T. A., & Akutsu, L. (1). Court Caseload Management: The Role of Judges and Administrative Assistants. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 21(5), 648-665.