Personal Use of Technology at Work: Drivers and Effects on Professional Distraction

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Alexandre Cappellozza
Gustavo Hermínio Salati Marcondes de Moraes
Leonardo Mairene Muniz


Despite the numerous benefits that Information Technology (IT) provides to its users, adverse effects from abusive use of personal devices in the workplace remains an unexplored subject. This research examines individual drivers of private use of Information Technologies at work and the relationship that Digital Distraction has as a significant component contributing to professionals’ loss of attention during their activities. Our results show that aspects associated with technological dependence are the main influences of personal Use of Technology at Work. Among these aspects, diminished Impulse Control is the most significant factor toward to the use of personal technologies compared to other factors. The research also reveals that digital distraction causes significant loss of professional concentration and that personal use of IT in the workplace is a direct effect of diminished professional engagement. Furthermore, the research reveals that personal use of applications that promote social interaction isn’t an escape for professionals who suffer weak Social Support from their peers in the workplace.


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Cappellozza, A., Moraes, G. H. S. M. de, & Muniz, L. M. (1). Personal Use of Technology at Work: Drivers and Effects on Professional Distraction. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 21(5), 605-626.