Proposal for Patent Measurement

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Eunice Adriano
Maria Thereza Pompa Antunes


The goal of this work is to propose a model for managerial measurement of patents owned by the Center for Research and Development in Telecommunications (Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Telecomunicações [CPqD]). Corporate patents, as with other kinds of intangible assets, may generate significant value as long as the corporation identifies valuable patents which do not have adequate protection or those whose maintenance fees are not worth the cost. As such, the model features the concept of intellectual property, as it considers that viewing knowledge as a strategic tool for organizations and the use they make of it in society show how important said concept is for the economy of all countries. Since it proposes a model for analyzing a portfolio of patents, it is based on the premise according to which a rational exploration of protected patents will allow for fair compensation for the efforts exerted and the ability to recoup investments incurred during the research. The model is centered on methods that can be used to determine patent value as a function of expected economic benefits in monetary terms.


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Adriano, E., & Antunes, M. T. P. (1). Proposal for Patent Measurement. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 21(1), 125-141.
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