Individual, Leadership and Culture: Evidence of Creativity Management

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Henrique Muzzio


The aim of this paper is to analyze the management practice of what is named here as creativity management, based on the individual in his/her group, the leadership process and culture. This management is based on the deliberation of leaders with actions arranged towards increasing collective creativity. The literature highlights the importance of creativity, seen as a manageable process able to enhance the act of innovating, in the consolidation of organizational innovation and emphasizes innovation's value in achieving competitive advantage. However, there are still gaps in the literature. Therefore, an exploratory and descriptive research was conducted through interviews with managers from the creative economy sector, from the perspective of content analysis. Informants interpreted economic activity based on creativity as needing new values and practices. Results showed management practices as creativity managements, with actions involving the individual, the leader and organizational culture. This paper's contributions to management practice is to offer knowledge capable of increasing competitive advantage and, in the academic field, provide new theoretical connections to advance the field of innovation.


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Muzzio, H. (1). Individual, Leadership and Culture: Evidence of Creativity Management. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 21(1), 107-124.