Transnational Governance: Definitions, Approaches and Research Agenda

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Marcus Vinícius Peinado Gomes
Catherine Rojas Merchán


This study examined academic production on transnational governance. It adopted a multi-method approach that used bibliometric analysis to identify the twenty most influential papers. Those papers were then analyzed in depth, emphasizing the research methods adopted and the different forms and dimensions of transnational governance studied. Results concluded that interest on transnational governance is recent, but increasing. The majority of the papers highlight the multiplicity of actors engaged in transnational governance, reinforcing its strengthening pluricentrality and the diversity of processes and forms it can assume. There is a definite need for more empirical studies and those that consider the Latin American context. It is also necessary to develop studies that enable a critical analysis of the development of regulatory mechanisms that legitimize the action of private actors in issues of public interest.


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Gomes, M. V. P., & Merchán, C. R. (1). Transnational Governance: Definitions, Approaches and Research Agenda. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 21(1), 84-106.