An Analysis of Academics and their Scientific Publications in the Field of Management

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Takeyoshi Imasato
Marcelo Scherer Perlin
Denis Borenstein


Scientific production has been the focus of many discussions, particularly regarding the issue of scientific productivity. This study analyzes the profile and publications of academics (PhDs) working in the field of management in Brazil and their respective scientific publications, in order to identify the factors that explain this particular aspect of scientific productivity. Using descriptive statistics and statistical models based on data about 1976 researchers registered on the Brazilian Lattes database which compiles Brazilian academic researchers' curriculum vitaes, the study identified factors related to academic education and experience that have an impact on academics' scientific productivity in Management. Research results also indicate that important changes in the patterns of academic education and productivity are taking place in Brazil. Considering the centrality of scientific productivity, the paper suggests new studies to increase discourse regarding the future path of intellectual production and graduate management programs in Brazil.


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Imasato, T., Perlin, M. S., & Borenstein, D. (1). An Analysis of Academics and their Scientific Publications in the Field of Management. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 21(1), 62-83.