Does Pride of Being Brazilian Impact Happiness?

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Luciana Massaro Onusic
Wesley Mendes-da-Silva


Using a comparative approach between Brazil and other Latin American countries, this article aims to analyze the association of the national pride with individuals' well-being. For this end, we used the Latinobarómetro database for the years 2000 and 2009. The Latinobarómetro is a public opinion survey conducted by a non-governmental organization based in Santiago, Chile, that applies a questionnaire in 18 Latin American countries with about 20,000 respondents representing about 600 million residents. From simulations using binary response (logit) models, the main results suggest that in 2009 in Brazil, pride in being Brazilian started to have an effect on the probability a person reports being very happy, which did not occur in 2000. This was different from other Latin American countries in 2000, where people did report being very happy.


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Onusic, L. M., & Mendes-da-Silva, W. (1). Does Pride of Being Brazilian Impact Happiness?. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 19(6), 712-731.