Information technology's value at the firm level: a study of Brazilian companies

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Deyvison de Lima Oliveira
Antonio Carlos Gastaud Maçada
Gessy Dhein Oliveira


Studies conducted in the early 2000s based on objective performance data confirmed the direct value of Information Technology (IT) at the firm level (A. S. Bharadwaj, 2000; Santhanam & Hartono, 2003). However, recent literature has produced different results, due to standardization in the supply of IT products and services. From the Resource-Based Theory perspective, this paper tests whether the value of IT continues to be captured by measures of firm performance, as found in studies in early 2000 of U.S. firms. We do so by gathering objective data and variables for 149 leading IT companies in Brazil in the period 2008-2011. Utilizing Linear Regression and panel data, we test this association and found that IT capabilities are associated with performance in only four of the 32 relationships tested, with one being negative. Thus, overall, we confirmed the null impact of IT capabilities specifically at the firm level - supporting the demands of Resource Based Theory to analyze this impact at intermediate levels of performance. We also list limitations and research opportunities in the conclusion.


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Oliveira, D. de L., Maçada, A. C. G., & Oliveira, G. D. (2015). Information technology’s value at the firm level: a study of Brazilian companies. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 19(2), 170-192.